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What we are Currently Buying:

“Are you in the situation that a loved one has left you and you do not know what to do with all of their belongings?  Do not worry, call me today and I will see what I can do for you.”


  • Antique Postcards
  • Tradecards
  • Old Stamps
  • Old Letters
  • Civil War Papers
  • Bank Notes
  • Accumulations
  • Hoards
  • Collections
  • And many more paper collectibles

Some Pics:



Please Keep Em Dirty, That Is The Way I Like Em’.

  • Old World Coins
  • 19th Century Currency
  • 19th Century Coinage
  • Early 1900’s Coins
  • Any Paper Bills
  • Old Paper Bills
  • Old Coins
  • Old Silver Coins
  • U.S. Coins (Pre. 1965 Silver)
  • Coin Collections
  • And many more coin related items

Some Pics:


  • Early U.S. Stamps
  • Old World Stamps
  • 19th Century Stamps
  • Postal Covers
  • WW II Stamps
  • Accumulations
  • Collections
  • Hoards
  • Estate Sale Collections

Some Pics:


  • Coca Cola Collectibles
  • Automotive Parts
  • NOS (New Old Stock) Auto Parts (Pre 1970’s)
  • Silver Items
  • Jewelry
  • Sterling Silver
  • Old Copper Pieces
  • Old Porcelain Signs
  • Smalls
  • Toys
  • Old Tools
  • And many more

Some Pics:

What I Will Pay For Silver Coinage*:

The price will depend on the market price of silver per ounce, usually I will pay the spot price for silver.

What I Pay For The Following US Coins:

Morgan or Peace Dollars (In Good or Better)- $16 ea.

Silver Half Dollars– $6 ea.

Silver Quarters– $2 ea.

Silver Dimes– $1 ea.

V Nickels or Buffalo Nickels– $0.25 ea.

Pre 1930 and Older Pennies– $0.03 ea.

Other Coins– $ amount will be determined by the coin and the market value
For Junk Silver coinage, I will be willing to pay the spot melt value for that particular time of payment. You can calculate how much I will pay by simply using this formula… Spot Silver Price x Weight of Coins = The Amount of $$$ You Will Receive…
I will pay cash on the spot, and you shall rest assure that you will receive the most amount for your coinage than any other dealer will be willing to pay you, guaranteed.
MOST WANTED: I am currently buying all Cuban Coins & Currency, and if you have them or know someone who has them, please contact me immediately. I am appreciating you already, just for trying.
World Coins & Currency: I will buy any world coins and currency that you have, even if it is a few bills or coins. If it is worth my time, then I will let you know and offer you a very fair offer.  I will value your collection using my expertise and knowledge, as well as some other resources, but in the end, you will be glad that you sold everything to me.

Q: I found a coin collection in my house and do not know what to do with them, should I go to the local coin shop or call Dennis?
A: The answer that I will usually tell my customers is, if you want to try out your local coin shop, you can.  The only issue would be that they will purchase most likely all of your coins and currency, but will only pay spot price for everything.  I recommend, emailing me a couple of high resolution images of your collection, and within 1 business day, you shall get a descriptive email.

Q: My Grandfather gave me his coin collection and I am not knowledgable about coins, what should I do now?
A: I get this question from people all the time, the best answer would be if you could contact me and set up a meeting time to discuss what coins you have.  When we will decide on the worth of the collection, you will decide if you want to sell it or keep it for yourself.*

Q: While cleaning out my house, I stumbled upon a coin collection and I think that it is old, what do I do now?
A: Ok, do not hesitate and call me immediately, if I am free and available I will pick up my phone and we will discuss what you might have.  If you have a smartphone, please take a couple photos of the collection and email them to me for an immediate response.

Q: How do I tell if my coin is FAKE or REAL?
A: Sometimes you stop and ask yourself, is this coin real?  Please, do not worry because I will be able to tell you if you have a real or a fake coin, simply email me high resolution photos of the back (Obverse) and the front (Reverse) of the coin; and I will let you know if it is real or fake.  I had some customers who thought that they had fakes and they ended up being real RARE coins.

Q: I am just starting coin collecting, where can I buy cheap coins?
A: If you are a beginner coin collector and do not have a whole lot of money, I have some cheaper coins for you to buy from me.  We need to pre- arrange a meeting place, day, and time. Once that is cleared, we will meet up and you can pick out any cheaper coins that you like, some are only $1.

Q: I always wondered, where can I find out about upcoming coin shows in my area?
A: This is so simple, simply click on the Coin Shows tab on this website and you will discover coin shows near you. If you have questions about a particular show that is not shown, I will be glad to email you the details. I just ask you to email me with Subject: (Coin Shows Near Me).  Within 24hrs, you shall get a response from me.

Q: I want to get more educated about Numismatics, where can I look to get more information about this wonderful hobby?
A: The best place would be your local library, as you can ask the librarian about the coin catalogs and they will show you where they are. The best part is that, it’s FREE!!!  But, if you want to buy some coin guides, you can search on this site and find some on the net.

Q: What is the difference between the Red Book and the Blue Book?
A: The Red Book is for collectors and the Blue Book is for Dealers.

Q: Do I need to pay retail for coins or can I bargain for less?
A: You do not need to pay retail for any coins, you should try to bargain as much as possible.  As some dealers might have duplicated of the same coin and will be willing to sell it for even 50% less than the marked price.

Q: If I want to sell any coins or currency, where is the best place to do that?
A: The best place would be to contact Rosenthal Collectibles and arrange a meet up with Dennis, where you will receive the most $$$ for your coins or currency.
* Fees may need to be paid if the seller decides that I need to drive over to their house or somewhere near their area, to check out their collection.  I will charge $25 for any collection appraisal, plus extra fees will be applied if you decide for a better evaluation of your collection. More details will be shown upon request.

*Prices are an estimate, actual pay price may vary on the condition of the coin or availability.


Below You Will Find A Detailed List Of Items That I Am Willing To Buy:

Ca$h Paid On The Spot!!!

Top Dollar Paid!!!



Bid For Coins Company

What I Buy:

  1.      Old Postcards (Large & Small Collections)
  2.      Old Stamps (Large & Small Collections)
  3.       Stamp Hoards
  4.       Estate Collections
  5.       Old Postal Items (Including Old Postal Cover Collections)
  6.       Old Paper Related Items
  7.       Old Photos (They Have To Be Over 60 Years Old)
  8.       Old Toys and Car Models
  9.       Old Posters and Maps
  10.       Old Books (19th Century and Older)
  11.       Old Lighters
  12.       Old Pins
  13.       Old Silver US and World Coins (PRE 1965)
  14.     Old Currency Bills (Pre 1960’s Preferably) & (Mostly     Europe and US, But I Will Buy Any Paper Money)
  15.       Old Coin Collections or Hoards
  16.       Old Advertisement Signs
  17.       Old Tools
  18.       Misc. Antiques (Depression Era Glass, Porcelain, etc.)
  19.       Silver Jewelry and Watches with working movements only
  20.       Wall Art that is over a century old
  21.       Boxes with old items from WWI and WWII
  22.       WWI and WWII Memorabilia, Soldier Relics, and Soldier Medals (Preferably with certificate and a picture of the soldier wearing these items on his or her uniform)
  23.       Civil War Era Items (1861-1865), (From Postal Covers To Coins, etc.)
  24.       And Pretty Much Anything That Is Over A Century Old and Is Odd Looking Too…

Thank you,

Dennis Rosenthal (A Private Collector)


“No Collection Is Too Small Or Too Big, If I Like It & The Price Is Fair, I Will Buy It All”