We Sell

What we are Currently Selling:


  • Antique Postcards
  • Tradecards
  • Old Stamps
  • Old Letters
  • Old Paper Items
  • Advertisements

Some Pics:


  • Old World Coins
  • 19th Century Coinage
  • Early 1900’s Coins
  • Old Coins
  • Old Silver Coins
  • U.S. Coins (Pre. 1965 Silver)

Some Pics:


  • Early U.S. Stamps
  • Old World Stamps
  • 19th Century Stamps
  • Postal Covers
  • WW II Stamps

Some Pics:


  • Coca Cola Bottles
  • Silver Items
  • Jewelry
  • Smalls
  • Toys
  • Old Tools
  • And many more

Some Pics:

Selling prices will be determined at or before the time of the sale, please contact me if you are interested in any of the following items and I will reply back saying if I have them or not.  I will also include an estimated price of what I would like to get for any particular item and negotiations can be done.  I will be posting all of the items that I have for sale on eBay and so you will be able to Buy It Now or even bid on any of the following items.  The best payment method would be PayPal because it is a secure payment system and it guarantees antifraud transactions or sales.  Keep in mind that prices may decrease or increase over time without prior notice, but time will tell.  I thank everyone who is interested in collecting these amazing items and invite everyone to be a part of my website.  By simply signing up to my site, you will receive weekly emails for eBay sales and or collecting information and the latest news for local shows in your area.

Below You Will Find A Detailed List Of Items That I Am Willing To Sell:


What I Sell:

  1.      Old Postcards
  2.      Old Stamps
  3.       Old Postal Items
  4.       Old Paper Related Items
  5.       Old Photos
  6.       Old Toys and Car Models
  7.       Old Posters and Maps
  8.       Old Books (19th Century and Older)
  9.       Old Lighters
  10.       Old Pins
  11.       Old Silver US and World Coins (PRE 1965)
  12.       Old Tools
  13.       Silver Jewelry and Watches with working movements only
  14.       Civil War Era Items (1861-1865), (From Postal Covers To Coins, etc.)
  15.       And Pretty Much Anything That Is Over A Century Old and Is Odd Looking Too…

Thank you,

Dennis Rosenthal (A Private Collector)


“No Collection Is Too Small Or Too Big, If I Like It & The Price Is Fair, I Will Buy It All”